thank you

This film would not have been possible without the amazing, incredibly heartwarming support via our 10-day Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for our April 2012 film shoot.  With those funds, we were able to take care of our cast and crew, and had a phenomenal weekend on the Northern California coast — to shoot a very beautiful film.

Thank you to all who supported our film!

Our beloved supporters:

Jenn Virskus

Gloria Frym

Tana Hitch

Jamie Hitch

Trevor Hitch

Yasmeen Chaudhry

Bilal Chaudhry

Uzma Chaudhry

BW Diederich

Sally Seyal

Kathryn Palmieri

Rafeeqa Hussain

Debra Bainum

Rae Gouirand

Angela Flocco

Dan Zeitman

Donna Bjorn

B. Real

Amanda Schamel

Marienoelle Marquis

Brooke Harris

Chris Kubin

Catherine Virskus

Bari Howard

Venetia Pristavec

Donna Shestowsky

Heidi Winter


Megan Bryan Twomey

Ahsan Chaudhry

Carlos Saavedra


Amanda Tryon

Richard Layugan


Celia Brown


Christian Winter

Daniel Winterhalter

Judith Serin

Madiha Ahmed


Dolores Hitch

Marjorie Hersman

Charles Sowers

Saima Zuberi

Samina Juneja

Jamie Hitch

Inam Ullah Chaudhry



Aly Mitchell

Jessie Richardson

Jim & Svetlana Hitch

Aftab Chaudhry

Sara Moore

William Pendgraft


Nadia Quraishi

Andrew Homan



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